”2-speed Transformation” – Bimodal Model Optimizing Digital Business and Technology Transformation (FI)

  • How the new world of digital business environment looks like? What are the challenges we’re facing?
  • How will the 2-speed technology transformation be implemented? What are the main changes Sonera is making? 
  • What are  the requirements for success we should pay attention to? How e.g.  agile development and cloud based solutions help Sonera to meet the challenges? 

Sari Leppänen is leading Sonera’s (part of Telia Company) business and technology transformation towards digital New Generation Telco environment. Sari has been working in Telia Company since 2013, being earlier responsible for the architecture of Telia Company. In 1995-2012, Sari had a long carrier in Nokia with different developmental and managerial duties.

Sari Leppänen
Head of Business & Technology Transformation, Telia Company