Aromi – More responsible food service

You are welcome to hear how our solutions help lead a food service through precise and reliable data, and how food can be served ecologically by minimising waste. Transparency is ensured when serving meals, also taking note of critical allergies and special diets.

Automated service management

Come and see how ServiceNow technology and CGI's solutions combined with virtual agents and machine learning helps automate service management. At the stand we are also presenting customer cases on the topic.

Boosting operations through agile methods

Have you thought about how agile methods could boost your organisation's operations? Maybe your current modes of operation need polishing? Expressing interest in agile (ketterä kehittäminen) in the Ratkaisu19 registration form will be followed by a short meeting suggestion by one of our agile coaches. You are also welcome to talk with us at our stand without a prebooked meeting. In the conversation we will offer you tips on how to get started, and how to utilise agile methods in your organisation.

Chill-out zone

In the chill-out zone visitors have the chance to escape into virtual reality, enjoy personally recommended drinks and try some of the most delicious sweets in Finland. In our candy demo advanced analytics is applied to identify Fazer products and discover the most popular sweets among our guests. Visit our stand and share your favorite candy with our bot!

Cybersecurity gamification

A cybersecurity demo will showcase an organisations pain points through gamification. You are welcome to experience an exciting cyber environment in practice.

Digital services accessible for all

Test the accessibility of your current digital service, and experience how equality is ensured in the digital service of the future. CGI's experts are happy to share the requirements set by the new accessibility legislation for a digital service.

Enhancing welfare services with the help of videoanalytics

Welcome to see what the future of welfare looks like! Experience how by measuring vitality values the urgency of treatment need can be estimated already during registration.

Optimize mobile work through mobile solutions

Our Mukana™ mobile solutions offer a quick, cost-effective and easy way to guide and optimize mobile work. The solutions are utilized in, for example, rescue, care, maintenance, security, installation and transportation work, and in improving traffic safety. You are welcome to try out our solutions and hear about their opportunities for your business at our stand.

Intelligent automation and new kinds of business environments

In the demo stand robotics is used to showcase CGI's intelligent automation solutions. Come and see how you can teach a robot equipped with AI through simple gestures and hear how intelligent automation can boost a company's business processes and service chains.

NextLab – Experiment new innovations

At NextLab we test new technologies and their compatibility with various kinds of business through short, concrete experiments. Agile methods make it possible to not only experiment new opportunities but also to implement the ideas into projects.

Roadmap towards intelligent industry

See and experience concrete examples of intelligent industry solutions. You can follow visualisations of sensor-based data, and e.g. choose the best spots in Finland Hall from the viewpoint of noise level and air quality.

Spatial intelligence as part of future business

Harnessing spatial intelligence as part of a business strategy opens up completely new kinds of business models and environments. Book a meeting with us by expressing your interest in location-based services (paikkatieto) in the registration form. We will contact you with a short meeting suggestion. You can also visit us at our booth for a spontaneous mini workshop on how to utilize spatial intelligence in your business.

Threedimensional future of urban planning

The urban environment of the future is designed by combining precise 3D visualisations of the present state into 3D simulations in the planning phase. Attractive visualisations are also brought within the reach of the general public. You are welcome to see what the future of urban planning looks like, and to hear e.g. how digitalisation opens up possibilities for a totally new kind of surveillance of the state of built environment.

Transportation's views and solutions of from Earth to space

You're welcome to discuss the future or Transportation and Logistics with us. You will see what the new mobile driving license looks like in real life, hear what a space suit is doing at the event, and how a weather observation service in aviation has been transformed with the help of data.

Zense – proactive and inclusive wellbeing

How does inclusive personnel wellbeing sound? Zense helps and encourages users towards active self-care, while simultaneously also sharing essential information to both healthcare professionals and, for example, a company’s HR. See, experience and hear the possibilities of Zense for promoting an organisation’s wellbeing.